Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dania Beach South Florida

Dania Beach in South Florida is located about 17 miles north of Miami, and it is a 5 mile drive from downtown Fort Lauderdale.

The beach itself is much like the South East Florida beaches with long stretches of white sand and stunning water with a bit of dunes. There are life guards on duty, and when the winds are calm it is a great place to swim.

Dania Beach has something that is different from the rest of Florida though, the Dania Pier which stretches out in the Atlantic ocean. At the pier you can go fishing, or simply enjoy the sights.

After a long morning at the beach you can eat a picnic on the beach, or you can barbecue in the small park area by the parking lot, where there are grills available. You can also enjoy a lunch at the Dania Beach Grill, where there is often live music. Next to the Dania Beach Grill there is a playground for the kids.

Below you will find the menu from March 2010.


  1. Dania beach looks like a great place to visit.I absolutely miss the beach.Thanks for the great pics!

  2. I love Florida many things to do !!!

  3. Avoid the Dania Beach Grill. Run poorly and food can be really bad depending on the day and attitude. Management needs a change. Quaterdeck at the other end of the parking lot is a much better choice.



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