Sunday, April 18, 2010

Free National Park Access April 17th - April 25th

This week is National Park Week, and entrance to all of the 393 parks is free from April 17th to April 25th. For those of us, who try to stretch our budgets as far as possible, this is a great opportunity to explore some of our national treasures.

In South Florida there are many beautiful national parks to experience:


Everglades National Park

Photos from our last trip to the Everglades National Park.

In St. Augustine, where my heart belongs, there are a few options as well.  If you have never been to St. Augustine, the oldest city in the country, I can highly recommend it. I spent many sunny days of my youth reading books on the lawn beneath Castillo de San Marcos.

To find other national parks in Florida near you or in the rest of the country check out The National Park website

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dania Fishing Pier, Dania Beach, South Florida

The Dania Fishing Pier, in Dania Beach South Florida stretches itself 987 feet into the Atlantic ocean from the beautiful white beaches. You can see a video history of Dania Beach at the City of Dania Beach website.

At the entrance to the pier, you will find Beach Watch Restaurant. You can find the menu here.

The Beach Watch Restaurant also caters to parties, and you will often find wedding ceremonies taking place on the beach below the pier.

Access to the fishing pier is $2 per person for sightseeing only, or $3 per person for fishing. 

If you look to the North you will see just how close Port Everglades and Fort Lauderdale is to Dania Beach.

After spending time fishing or just enjoying the view from the pier, you can relax on Dania Beach, which is surrounded by beautiful water or you can continue on to the nearby Hollywood Beach just South of Dania Beach.

To get to the Dania Pier when coming from US 1 go East onto Dania Beach Boulevard, or on A1A continue North until you reach Dania Beach Boulevard and turn right just before the bridge.

The Dania Pier is located at:
300 N Beach Road,
Dania Beach, FL 33004

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dania Beach South Florida

Dania Beach in South Florida is located about 17 miles north of Miami, and it is a 5 mile drive from downtown Fort Lauderdale.

The beach itself is much like the South East Florida beaches with long stretches of white sand and stunning water with a bit of dunes. There are life guards on duty, and when the winds are calm it is a great place to swim.

Dania Beach has something that is different from the rest of Florida though, the Dania Pier which stretches out in the Atlantic ocean. At the pier you can go fishing, or simply enjoy the sights.

After a long morning at the beach you can eat a picnic on the beach, or you can barbecue in the small park area by the parking lot, where there are grills available. You can also enjoy a lunch at the Dania Beach Grill, where there is often live music. Next to the Dania Beach Grill there is a playground for the kids.

Below you will find the menu from March 2010.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hollywood Beach Florida

Hollywood Beach Florida is a treasure that is often hidden away from tourists visiting Miami. It is a fantastic place to visit for anyone at any age, and Hollywood Beach Florida is a great place for families visiting Florida with kids. Hollywood Beach is located about 10 miles north of Miami Beach, and if you want to enjoy the scenic Collins Boulevard/A1A, Hollywood Beach is a great place to end up and spend the afternoon.

Hollywood Beach is one of the few stretches of beach in Eastern South Florida that is not dominated by huge sky rises or private homes. Instead Hollywood Beach is a charismatic place with older hotels, small motels, ins and a few condos. It is a fantastic place to vacation with beautiful beaches, white sand, turquoise water, a sizzling broadwalk and a festive ambiance that can only be found on the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk..


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