Monday, March 22, 2010

Florida City and Homestead Farms in South Florida

A few weeks ago I visited the farms in Homestead, Florida, which is just south of Miami. It was a part of a day trip to Flamingo, but the farms in Homestead were a beautiful sight, when all I am used to is city and the beach.

My dad is a farmer in Northern Europe, so seeing tomato fields and orange groves were an interesting sight for him as well. I personally wondered what they sprayed all these beautiful vegetable fields with to keep the bugs away, as I am struggling with keeping them away from my own cherry tomatoes.

It was a hot and clear day in South Florida, and the water trucks were out watering.

We even encountered a brush fire, on this hot South Florida day.

We encountered the brush fire right before we entered the Everglades, and when we returned several hours later there was only a little smoke left.

To get to the farming fields in Florida City from Miami go South on US 1, turn right on SW 344 Street in Florida City, and make a left onto Power Road. When you get to the the jail turn right onto State Highway 9336/ Ingraham Hwy.

If you continue on Ingraham Hwy you will come to the visitor center in the Everglades, and the road will lead you to Flamingo in the South of the Everglades.

If you continue straight onto Power Road you will end up at Everglades Alligator Farm. You can find coupons in on their website, or you can find them in the local tourist maps located at visitor centers in the area.

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